Engine - Wankel

Wankel XR 8


Wankel XR 8

[ca. 43 PS]
Honda G390 Specifications:
- Type: 4 stroke 1-disc rotary engine
- Power: 32 kW / 7800 1/min
- Torque: 47 Nm at 4400 1/min
- Chamber volume: 294 cc
- Maximum speed: 10.300 1/min
- Clutch: 2 slices dry centrifugal clutch
- Drive: 1/2 inch chain type 428
- Ignition: Magnetic ignition with variable ignition timing
- Housing: water-cooled, coated carrier Nicasil
- Sides: water cooled, spec. alloy
- Weight: 18 kg
- L x B x H ? mm x ca. ? mm x ? mm


Wherein said motor-XR 8 is a rotary piston engine that operates according to the system Wankel. The engine is a 4-stroke naturally aspirated engine, which has no reciprocating mass, but a rotating around an eccentric rotor. The rotor turns with only 1/3 of the speed of the eccentric shaft and ignites at each revolution of the eccentric shaft of the three chambers.The particular advantage of this engine is the lack of vibrations through the balanced rotating mass, the compact design and the extreme power delivery with a very favorable torque curve offering lowest emissions.Today's rotary motors achieve tremendous mileage. They are therefore mainly in small, partially unmanned aircraft use.The motor essentially consists of the following parts:Called water-cooled housing for its inner contour also trochoidRunners with sealing strips (corresponding to a piston with rings of a piston engine)Eccentric shaft (corresponding to a crankshaft of a reciprocating engine)Water cooled side windows which close the case.XR-8 is a petrol engine with a mixture of lubrication in a 50:1 ratio. Unlike a 2-stroke engine oil burns without residue.The fresh gases flow through only one side window, before axially through the rotor in the opposite side of disk access, from where they then flow into the combustion chamber. In this way, runners, and eccentric shaft bearings are lubricated and cooled.Approximately 5500 1/min opens a controlled negative pressure throttle intake passage of said split, which directs the supply of the fresh gas in addition directly into the combustion chamber.The cold fresh gases cause the enormous power of the XR-8.By the special processes in the engine with long control times of very favorable emission values ​​can be achieved, which in the driving cycle are partially below 1% of a comparable 2-stroke engine, and achieve best four-stroke level.The motor can also be operated with a catalyst.

- Respect shown here nich Wankel engine is the same as in the description! The video serves only to demonstrate the Wankel technology!