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Biland SA 250 Junior


Biland SA 250 Junior

[ca. 18 PS]
Honda G390 Specifications:
- Type 2 cylinder series
- Aluminum housing construction with tie
- Cylinder head 2 valves, mech. Tappet OHC
- Timing Valve Train
- Displacement 248 cc
- 58 mm bore
- Stroke 47 mm
- Forged steel crankshaft
- Pressed aluminum pistons
- Dry sump lubrication
- Power 18 hp at 8000 1/min
- Max. Speed ​​10000 1/min.
- Torque 18 Nm at 8000 1/min.
- Dimensions base engine 210 mm / 170 mm / 320 mm
- Weight 15 KG including starter, carburetor and ignition
- 210 mm / 170 mm / 320 mm


The SA 250 engine was developed in 1992 as an internal combustion engine for the hybrid drive of the Swatch mobile. Than 2 - valve engine with dual ignition and turbo he made 25 kW, which he delivered to the generator.As from today the Swatch Smart mobile originated, the hybrid drive for cost reasons had no chance. The basic concept of time very progressive SA construction but was retained. Also, the Smart had. Until his model change in 2006, a very small engine with 2 valves, turbocharger and dual ignitionIn 1999, SA began to develop from the hybrid engine has a sports engine. Charging and dual ignition was replaced by a high speed cylinder head. The result was in the karting world very famous SA250, which was produced in the years 2000 to 2007 by various companies in series.He is still the most successful 4-stroke kart racing engine in the world.Production was initially set in 2007, but continues through Marti Motorsport in smaller venues.