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The fundamental difference between the Wandfluhlenkung to Pss-logo 14p - Steering consists of three main factors:

Wandfluh steering:

  1. progression Wandfluh based on a mistake of the cardan error.
  2. the steering force entry is deflected ~ 90 °, similar to a recirculating ball steering. Thus, the feedback from the steering is suppressed (dead steering feel).
  3. the sinusoidal change in steering angle, together with the first summing torque variation give a disharmonious steering, with a strong tendency to the 'hack' on narrow curves.

Since the construction of Wandfluhlenkung allowed maximum steered angle about 110 °, for use in normal vehicles, a second translation to be installed, which spreads the progression for a larger steering wheel angle. That means additional friction and backlash.

Of all of the drivers is Wandfluhlenkung complains that does not match the steering angle is controlled with the steered angle of the wheels. Disharmony can be so large that it can come with less experienced drivers in dangerous situations.

 Pss-logo 14p- Steering:

  1. the progression of PSS steering is logarithmically growing increasingly.ritzel pss
  2. entry of the steering force is carried out directly on the rack. So the feedback without external influences will go directly to the steering wheel. (Seismographic steering feel).
  3. the logarithmic change in steering angle, together with the increasing torque evenly form a harmonious and dynamic steering system, which is consistent with the human touch.

Through the uniform and harmonious growth of Einlenkwinkels the driver always has a good driving experience, as the steering always acts as the driver and the expected and einsteuert.


On the original diagram of the possible settings of the Wandfluh Wandfluh steering (white, light gray, gray and light blue lines) are shown. The variations in the progression is clearly visible. In the white line is seen most clearly criticized the 'hack'. Those of us drawn green curve corresponds to the progression of PSS steering. The dark blue line represents the end of a conventional steering

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